Pet Digital X-ray & Ultra Sound Diagnosis

Digital X-rays are pictures that help to provide us with analysis on pets bones, gastro intestinal tract, (stomach, intestines, colon), respiratory tract (lungs), heart, and urinary system (bladder, prostate). It can be used alone or in conjunction with other diagnostic tools to provide a list of possible causes for a pet’s condition, identify the exact cause of a problem or rule out possible problems.

Ultra Sound are ultrasonic sound waves that is used for diagnosis in a safer manner. Pets are usually sedated in order to perform X-rays to get a better picture, this helps to minimize stress to your pets. Pet / Veterinary Digital X-ray & Ultra Sound Diagnosis in Oman, Muscat

Price for X-Ray ranges between R.O 12.000 to 30.000 depending on size of X – Ray
Price for Ultrasound R.O 10.000 per session.