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Capital Veterinary Centre L.L.C “CVC OMAN” provides the highest level of veterinary care available in Oman. Our staff, being professional & all hold graduate certificates in veterinary and are licensed by the Ministry of Agriculture OMAN.

Capital Veterinary Centre L.L.C, was established in February 2010, by an Omani entrepreneur “Zakiya Al- Zakwani”. A graduate from Waljat Colleges of Applied Sciences with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, in addition to her love for pets, induced her to acquire a diploma in Veterinary Assistance from Stradford Career Institute. We at Capital Veterinary Centre believe “ Love and positivity from within expresses cure and vitality to the outside” quoted by Zakiya Al-Zakwani. This means: The love & positivity in us, gives your pet cure and vitality. All by the grace of The Al-Mighty.

We used to take our puppy for grooming. Mr. Jerome was her groomer. He is a real pet lover, has excellent patience, is cool, and makes the puppy comfortable. He counts on perfection in the comfort of the puppy and is not bothered by how much time he spent on it!

Manoj Kaniyattu

I have been with the Capital Veterinary Centre for 3 years now. I would rate their dedication and care for my 2 kitties as 100%. In a very early stage, the smallest kitty got sick so other expat pet lover friends recommended capital vet for his treatment.


Best doctor Mr. Peter. Very polite & Friendly. Explains very well. He treated my dog’s nose bleeding in just 2 hrs. Mr. Noor is a very good helper there. Lady at the reception is also very good. REASONABLE PRICES. LOW COMPARING TO ALL OTHERS IN TOWN


Looking for a Vet Doctor with a heart? Look no further as Dr. Peter is your man. Compassionate, good listener and a man of action. His love for animals and their humans is so admirable. You always leave his clinic with so much gratitude.

Leon Rafael Salinel

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Pet owners trust us to look after the needs of their beloved companions. We are specialists committed to delivering the very highest of veterinary care and affection.