Pet Grooming

We at Capital Veterinary Centre LLC, have a very special bond with your pet animals your canine, feline, rodents, and avians we provide grooming for them all. Our groomers understand each pet’s specific needs and cater accordingly. If you wish your pet to be pampered and groomed with the highest standards in the most sterilized environment, which follows all veterinary and hospital safety standards, choose us and you will experience the true delight, for your furry pet family.

Please Note: In case your pet Dogs/Cats are less cooperative or slightly aggressive in an unknown environment, we highly recommend mild reversible sedation, after consent from their owner ( provided they don’t have heart or any health issues ) this helps for grooming to minimize the stress on your pet. ( our sedation is only done by the veterinary doctor on duty). A brief consultation with a doctor prior to this is highly recommended.

Kindly Note: As we are a full-service facility, we require that your pet’s vaccinations be up to date & a spot-on treatment against External parasites should be done for both dogs & cats. All our equipment & grooming tools are sterilized with the highest standards using an autoclave with steam & under our veterinarian’s supervision.

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